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We have been working with Calderaro Law Group for over 4 years, they are very good at what they do and the staff is really amazing. They made our immigration case work with USCIS and in the end we got our permanent residency in the U.S. Thank you to everyone who worked with us to make it happen.

Juan Mainou

I was extremely satisfied with the support, guidance and direction provided by the Calderaro Law Group. From the initial conversation with Ms. Calderaro to the support provided prior to my interview They really care about your results and will work with you to ensure that your goals are met. I will recommend this team to any of my colleagues who wish to migrate to the U.S.

Arun Maharajh

The most trusted immigration law firm in the United States. We had a great experience with the entire team at Calderaro Law Group. Immigration to the United States is not an easy task and cannot be done by a single attorney alone. The Calderaro team made it very easy and smooth for us by providing us with different points of contact for various tasks. Highly recommended.

Max Afzalimehr

Claderaro Law Group, has a team committed to each case and an extraordinary accompaniment throughout the immigration process, very professional and knowledgeable. 100% recommended.

Andy Villa

They’re excellent. I wouldn’t choose anyone else. Super happy with the way I’ve been treated by them in the different stages. 110% RECOMMENDED.

Fernando Rodriguez
You have to start with the things that have no economic value but are the ones that are really worthwhile. I thank the team for all the human warmth we received in this process. We must also highlight the high professional level and how each step of the process was carried out as explained to us.
Jaime Rubinstein
All those who wish to emigrate and think that they do not have the opportunity to do so legally, I let you know that there is a type of visa that adapts to each case. You should not put up barriers for yourselves. Dare to consult specialists such as the firm of Dr. Renata Calderaro.
Karen Ferrin de Salloum
You have in your hands a very great responsibility, and I am not talking about the file or the supports, no; it is the task of accompanying us throughout this journey of ups and downs, of joys and tears. Without knowing it, we pack them for you along with your meticulously prepared files in the most important suitcase of our lives. It is precisely to this that I want to give my greatest recognition, because my family and I are witnesses to the professionalism, ethics and affection of the treatment received. That is why you will be my only recommendation for those like us who decide to undertake this journey.
Luis T.


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